Sentier Strategic Resources

Sentier is a custom research agency, helping our clients understand the behavior, perceptions, and expectations of their market.


We understand that when you hire a research firm you are giving money to strangers – and that your reputation is at stake within your organization.

We take that seriously and will make you look great by providing research that builds on your business strategy, is accurate, usable, methodologically sound, and executive-presentation-ready.

You can choose to engage with us in several different ways – from contracting with us to develop a full research roadmap to engaging on an individual project basis. We are good at tough business questions, connecting with hard to reach audiences, dealing with complicated project logistics, and we are not limited by geography. Here’s some examples of how we can support your business objectives.

Research Design


Product & Service Development

Research Design


Product Development

We are methodologically agnostic – we are not confined to just focus groups, surveys, or lab-based usability testing. We will take your (tough or simple) business questions and design a research approach to get you the answers you need.

You are here, your business strategy is there… how will you gather the customer insight to lead you in the right direction? Sentier can help you map out a phased approach to customer research.

We have the right mix of tools to provide customer insight to inform your product (and service) development process — from concept testing, design support, go-to-market planning, launch, to mid-life refresh.

Market Research

User Research

Strategic Ergonomics & Accessibility

Market Research

User Research

Strategic Ergonomics

We design custom market research projects to inform feature prioritization, positioning, pricing and communications strategies based on your market.

We can help you gather the insights you need to deliver delightful, seamless user experiences. From contextual evaluations for discovery to behavioral usability testing for design refinement, we can help your team stay user-centered.

Our staff is also available to help you design for use. We have the expertise to provide the ergonomics insight to support your innovative design solutions.

Our Work

Flexible Approach

Sentier is a full-service consultancy that can handle every step in the research process. Projects are designed to fit into your development cycle, timeline, and budget.

Usable Data

We take great care to make sure each project delivers reliable results and our recommendations are realistic. Our reports go beyond simply sharing the data to explain why and how this relates to your business.

We are a team of social scientists with expertise in a broad range of behavioral and observational research techniques. We will work with you to choose the right approach to find the qualitative and/or quantitative insights you need to help you make decisions.

Here are a few examples…

• Communications Research
• Concept Testing
• Cross-Channel Evaluation
• Design Research
• Employee Research
• International Research
• Mobile Testing

• Observational Research
• Product Development Research
• Product Trials / Beta Program Management
• Productivity and Efficiency Research
• Strategic Research
• User Experience Research


Our Team

Our senior team is made of up social science PhD-level researchers with industry experience. Their expertise in cognitive science, human factors, business, and technical communication guides every phase of client engagement. Sentier takes a collaborative approach to research design, thereby offering our clients the best of what each discipline has to offer in addressing your specific need while enabling depth of insight and consistently high quality services throughout the engagement.

Tom Thornton

Tom Thornton, PhD


Tom is a cognitive psychologist specializing in the way memory, attention, and perception limit human performance in day-to day tasks.  His specific areas of expertise include user experience testing, market research, and user interface design. He has led projects for Verizon, DARPA, AT&T, Diebold, Redbox Instant, Dell and many others. The National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health have supported his research. He has published in a number of academic journals, including: Science, Psychological Review, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Cognitive Psychology, and the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Tom’s expertise is sought out by national publications such as B2B Magazine, PC Magazine, Computer World, Wireless Week, Business Week, Forbes, Ecommerce Times, Washington Post, Denver Post, Miami Herald, Chicago Sun-Times, and the Houston Chronicle.

    Tanya Feinstein

    Tanya Feinstein, PhD

    VP of Research

    Tanya is a cognitive psychologist specializing in product design, user experience and communications research. Tanya takes a creative approach to research design to ensure that each question is addressed with the best methodology available. Her toolkit includes both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as surveys, focus groups, depth interviews, usability testing, and heuristic reviews. Tanya's work has contributed to award-winning campaigns and designs, and has appeared in USAToday,,, Reuters News,, and the Wall Street Journal Online. She has conducted research for MasterCard, Dell, Pfizer, the United States Treasury, Siemens, Ingenix, MACAIDS Fund, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, AdvaMed, Gartner, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Georgetown University and PhRMA.

      Danielle Smith

      Danielle Smith, PhD

      VP of Research

      Danielle is a Human Factors psychologist specializing in user research, market research, and user experience design. Her systems approach to research program development helps to ensure results are both human-centered and relevant to business problems. As a researcher, Danielle has experience in a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods. As a Human Factors engineer and User Experience professional, her toolkit also includes requirements management, information architecture creation, wire-framing, and prototyping. Danielle has led usability research projects for PayPal, UX design and market research for Dell, and Human Systems Integration projects for Lockheed Martin at NASA-Johnson Space Center. Her work has appeared in the Handbook of Warnings, Advances in Patient Safety and the publications of IEEE, Society of Human Resource Development, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, the International Ergonomics Society, and the Journal of Biomedical Informatics.

      Kelly Terry

      Kelly Terry, MS

      Managing Partner

      Kelly is Sentier's Founder and Managing Partner and oversees all the aspects of client services and administration for Sentier.  Kelly has more than 25 years of experience in technology assessment and commercialization.  She received a Masters of Science in Science and Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas at Austin and the IC2 Institute.  She also holds a B.B.A. in Finance from Texas Tech University.  She has served on the Global Advisory Committee for the City of San Antonio and as the Chair of the Subcommittee for Foreign Direct Investment for the Free Trade Alliance.  Kelly serves on the Board of Directors for The Refuge of Austin and for the SA Christian Hope Resource Center in San Antonio, Texas.

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        Corey Bohil

        Corey Bohil, PhD


        Corey is a cognitive psychologist with expertise in decision-making and human-computer interaction, particularly interactive virtual environments. He has led projects to create educational computer games, augmented-reality interfaces, and to devise methods for user-adaptive tailoring of training simulations. His work has been funded by the U.S. State Department, the CDC, Office of Naval Research, and U.S. Army RDECOM. He has published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Management Information Systems, and several psychology journals. His work has also appeared in popular outlets such as the L.A. Times, Popular Science, Vanity Fair, The Big Ten Network, and Corey has also worked as a usability professional leading projects for corporate clients including Nokia, Harcourt, Intuit, Raytheon, and Citrix. He is an assistant professor in the Applied Experimental and Human Factors program in the Department of Psychology at the University of Central Florida.


          Privacy Policy

          Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC

          Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC, established in 2009, is a market and user research firm located in Austin, Texas. Through marketing research, Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC aids clients in understanding the requirements and preferences of their customers.

          First and foremost, Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of personal information of all research participants. We are not a marketing company and do not conduct sales or direct marketing, nor do we provide personal information to be used for direct contact sales or marketing purposes. Please view our company website at to learn more about our company, facility, recruiting, and team. Please contact Kelly Terry, Managing Partner with any questions or concerns regarding privacy at 512-687-6260, or email us at Please put “Privacy” as the subject.

          Information Collected for Research Purposes

          Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC is a member of the Marketing Research Association (MRA), a professional association that sets the guidelines and standards for the research profession. As such, we adhere to the mandated MRA Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research, which includes requirements for the protection of personal information and information that can/may identify a respondent. For more information on the MRA and the Code of Ethics, please visit

          Personal information provided to Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC is considered confidential and is combined with information gathered from other research participants and is shown in aggregate unless otherwise evident (or indicated) within our surveys or in consent agreements required for participation in our studies. If we indicate that personal information may be included in the research findings, we ensure that the information will be treated with the strictest of trust.

          Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC will never mislead a participant regarding the nature of the research or how the information will be used. (For more on this, please see the section titled “Disclosure of Personal Information” below.)

          Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC respects the respondent’s right to withdraw or to refuse to cooperate at
          any stage of a research study and does not use any procedure or technique to coerce or imply that cooperation is obligatory. Respondent cooperation is strictly on a voluntary basis. Respondents are entitled to withdraw from any research effort at any stage or to refuse to cooperate in a research project.

          Respondents are informed at the outset if an interview/discussion is being audio or video recorded by any means and will, if required, obtain written consent if the recorded interview/discussion will be
          viewed by a third party or reproduced for outside use.

          Registration for Participant Database

          Only information that is voluntarily provided is collected by Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC and the information is collected for the purpose of assisting us to know when a study might be a good fit for an individual based on demographics and/or other household information. We do not place any files or programs on your computer while you are visiting our website. Some limited information, such as IP addresses and originating web sites, might be sent by individual browsers to help them understand how our web site is used.

          Personal information is used only for the purpose stated (for marketing research) and is safeguarded on secure systems.

          Our website or survey software may include hyperlinks to websites outside of the Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC domain, therefore we recommend that you read the Privacy Policy or Statement for each site visited, as data collection privacy policies may vary on hyperlinked sites not owned by Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC.

          Collection and Use of Email Addresses and Other Communication

          Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC has personal email addresses in its email system or data files that are acquired through various methods, including:

          The CAN Spam act of 2003, applies specifically to commercial emails sent for the purpose of sales or direct marketing. Although Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC does not fall into this category because we never participate in sales or direct marketing, we do voluntarily observe the CAN SPAM act requirements that can be applied to research. Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC does use email as a means of communicating to known clients and customers, and by providing this information, individuals are consenting to be reached via this method. When email is used to invite respondents to participate in research activities, the following procedures are used to ensure we do not send SPAM:

          Disclosure of Personal Information

          Under certain atypical circumstances, Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC may be required or permitted by law or court orders to collect, use, and/or disclose personal information and notice may not be required in some cases.

          In the event that Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC participates in a sale, merger, liquidation, dissolution, reorganization or acquisition of its company, the acquiring party would agree to be bound by the terms of the Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC Privacy Policy before any information would be transferred.

          Personal information may also be disclosed when consent or survey instruments clearly state that the information will be disclosed or, when a participant makes a request during the research that can only be fulfilled by disclosing information from these documents.

          How Data is Processed

          Only authorized Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC employees, vendors, contractors or partners carrying out authorized and legitimate business functions are allowed to access any Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC data or databases.

          Vendors, contractors, or partners who have access to research information in connection with providing services for or with Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC are required, at a minimum, to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. The Confidentiality Agreement requires them to keep the information confidential; they are not permitted to use this information for any purpose other than to carry out the services they are performing for Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC and, if they do, they are doing so without the consent or authorization of Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC.

          Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC employees are also required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement in which they agree to keep all project and respondent personal information confidential. Employees who violate the Confidentiality Agreement are subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including termination of employment, when appropriate.

          Security of Information

          At Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC, we are committed to keeping personal data secure and take all reasonable precautions to protect personal information from loss, misuse or alteration. Data is stored on our internal network servers that are protected by firewalls and other appropriate security mechanisms. Nothing is more important than respecting and protecting the privacy of our respondents, including any and all personal information you share with our company.

          Children’s Privacy

          As part of our internal policies to safeguard our respondents’ personal information and in adherence to the marketing research industry’s recruiting best practices, Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC does not knowingly make direct contact with children under the age of 15 to participate in research studies. If we require survey information from children under the age of 15, we will first contact the parent or legal guardian to arrange and determine eligibility of children for the research as well as encourage the parent or legal guardian to closely monitor and participate in the survey activities. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child whose information is stored in our Participant Database, you may at any time request to review, in its entirety, the information of your child which we maintain in that database. To do so, please send an email directly to “privacy” ‘at’, or phone us at 212-217-2000 and ask to speak with Brad Solomon.

          Participant Database

          Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC does not offer or maintain a Participant Database for the purpose of inviting respondents to participate in research activities. However, we contract with vendors who do maintain such databases to provide recruiting services. We recommend that you read the Privacy Policy or Statement for any recruiting vendor who may contact you on our behalf, as data collection privacy policies may vary for companies not owned by Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC.

          Information provided by participants in registration questionnaires provided to Sentier by our recruiting vendors is provided voluntarily and is used for the purpose of identifying eligibility for participation in future survey research. Follow up questions may be necessary to qualify a respondent for specific research studies, thus registration does not guarantee eligibility or invitation to any/all studies.

          Sentier Strategic Resources, LLC reserves the right to modify and/or to update this policy and its related business practices at any time with no notice. The most recent Privacy Policy posted on the company website or research forum is considered the current one. Please view this Privacy Policy on a regular basis.